Create an Inclusive Workplace Toolkit

Step Up BC

Creating an inclusive environment is important in any workplace setting. StepUp BC, a non-profit organization in British Columbia, Canada, has developed this toolkit for inclusive workplaces that are specifically in the non-profit sector. An inclusive setting is one “where all differences brought to the workplace are recognized” and where collaboration is encouraged and where people feel valued for their contribution. The toolkit offers resources for embedding the principles of inclusion in recruitment, hiring practices, performance management practices, policies, workplace culture, and all other aspects of the organization.

The toolkit begins with a link to a four-minute video and then instructs users to answer a set of questions that help them reflect on the nature of practices in their work setting. Following the questionnaire is a set of statements to help organizations envision an inclusive workplace – for example, “Unnecessary hierarchies and occupational segregation, where groups of employees are congregated into certain areas, are discouraged.”

The next section provides an example of a non-profit workplace that won an award for its inclusive environment. There are also sections to help organizations identify the steps needed to become a more inclusive workplace, including overcoming personal biases, examining micro-inequities, adapting your working style, leading an inclusive workplace, developing inclusive policies, and recruitment and hiring. Throughout the toolkit are examples and opportunities for reflection, as well as worksheets to adapt the lessons to the reader’s workplace.

Access the Toolkit here