Pedro’s Whale

by Paula Kluth and Patrick Schwarz    Illustrated by Justin Canha

Pedro can’t wait to start kindergarten. On the first day, he brings along his favourite toy whale and is heartbroken when his teacher tells him toys aren’t allowed in school. Luckily, the principal visits the class and helps Pedro’s teacher to understand that his whale helps Pedro to be the best learner he can be. The teacher soon discovers that incorporating Pedro’s fascination with whales into the curriculum helps not only Pedro to learn but all the other students too.

This story, about one boy who needs a bit of extra support in order to be successful in his learning, effectively gets across the message that we sometimes need to make accommodations to suit students’ individual needs. It introduces young readers and educators to the concept that using students’ individual interests and fascinations is a powerful learning and inclusion strategy.

Also included is a “How to use this book” section that provides helpful tips and activities for both classroom and home to start the conversation about inclusion.

The authors both have ample experience in the education field: Kluth is a consultant, educator and researcher who works with families and educators to create inclusive education experiences for all students, while Schwarz is a professor, motivational speaker and recognized leader in the field of education and human services.

Justin Canhan’s vibrant illustrations bring the characters to life and capture the essence of this heartfelt story.

Pedro’s Whale is available in book stores or online or can be purchased directly from Brookes Publishing or borrowed from your public library.