Exploring Inclusive Educational Practices Through Professional Inquiry

Gordon L. Porter, Déirdre Smith (Eds.) With Contributors Vivianne Timmons, Brian Kelly and Diane Richler, published by Sense Publishers (2011)

The importance of actual lived experiences with inclusive education as a learning and teaching tool is the focus of this book. Written by a team of respected researchers and educators this publication brings the actual journey of inclusive education alive through twenty-five case studies from administrators, teachers, parents and specialists. The challenges and opportunities of creating inclusive education settings are reflected in the case studies and provide unique insight into real situations. The book gives commentary and explanations about the cases, but also invites the reader to develop their own ideas and opinions as well.

The book is segmented into six chapters as follows:

  • Chapter One: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion      
  • Chapter Two: Commitment to Inclusion     
  • Chapter Three: Professional Knowledge and Practice 
  • Chapter Four: School Level Plans and Practices    
  • Chapter Five: Challenges and Barriers to Inclusion   
  • Chapter Six: The Voice of Parents                                                                           

There are also reflective questions to encourage the reader to form his/her conclusion based on the commentaries. Educators are also urged to consider their own educational practices as they explore this resource. The Case Matrix provides key information at a glance as an overview of the cases. The book identifies the issues with inclusive education and key factors as to why it still is not a reality in so many schools. It then aims to give practical tools for solutions to these issues to generate change in schools.

Exploring Inclusive Educational Practices Through Professional Inquiry is a valuable resource for educators inspiring more inclusive school communities.

This book is available to purchase from Sense Publishers here and is also available from Amazon here.