Don't Laugh at Me

by Steve Seskin and Allen Shamblin (Ages 3-8)

Don’t Laugh at Me is a non-fiction children’s book written by Steve Seskin and Allen Shamblin that explores difficult topics like bullying and exclusion. This book is a great conversation starter and can be used to help build a lesson around important topics like fitting in, being different, and celebrating individuality. This book is appropriate for both elementary and secondary age students. The main focus of the story is how children feel when they are laughed at or excluded by their peers.

On YouTube, there is a video that coincides with the book. Here, the illustrations from the book are used and many of the words from the story are sung by Mark Willis. The issues that are addressed in this story are valuable and should be explored by educators, parents, and students. Many students in schools experience bullying because of the way they look, act, or dress. This story and the video that accompanies it can help spark conversations and break down barriers. Raising awareness and discussing bullying with students and children will help empower them to create accessible and inclusive communities. Check a local public library for a copy of this book or order it online at 

To view the YouTube video that accompanies this book, click here