The Pink Purse (2016)

by Julie Pehar    Illustrated by Veronika Milne

A pink purse is the inspiration for a children’s story about inclusion, diversity and equity. Author, Julie Pehar, has done an exquisite job at taking complex theories such as systemic discrimination and simplifying them for children to understand. Based on a true story, the book is told through the playful voice of The Pink Purse. The Pink Purse teaches Kallie important lessons about kindness, discrimination, love and how people are different from each other and that is okay.

This book aims to raise the level of awareness from a young age and allows both parents and teachers to begin conversations about topics including sharing, bullying, classicism/poverty and sexuality. Pehar’s book is a great tool that will spark discussions and allow the younger generation to begin debriefing the key message that the book delivers, “If we were all the same, life would be pretty boring!”

This book can be purchased from Chapters here and Amazon here.

Together We Rock! has donated a copy of the book The Pink Purse by Julie Pehar to the library of Romeo Public School in Stratford, Ontario, Canada.