Collaborative Teaming: Teachers’ Guides to Inclusive Practices (Third Edition)

by Margaret E. King-Sears, Rachel Janney and Martha E. Snell (2015)

Fostering and supporting an inclusive learning environment cannot be done adequately without collaborative teaming and staff knowing how to work together effectively to support students. This book is a must-read for today’s educators as it shares practical tips, tools, strategies and illustrations to help teachers gain the skills for effective collaboration. The book features six chapters as follows:

·        Chapter One: Overview of Collaborative Teaming

·        Chapter Two: Building Team Structure

·        Chapter Three: Learning Teamwork Skills

·        Chapter Four: Problem Solving and Action Planning

·        Chapter Five: Collaborative Consultation

·        Chapter Six: Collaborative Teaching

The authors add key features to the book, which readers will appreciate: diagrams to help educators remember key ideas, classroom snapshots to show practical examples, student snapshots to show the benefits of student-centered teaching, focusing questions at the beginning of each chapter to help guide reading and reflection, and activity ideas and resources to help educators take action. This publication is a valuable resource not only for how-to support students with disabilities in inclusive classrooms, but more importantly, aims to help improve the behaviour and academics for ALL students. Collaborative Teaming: Teachers’ Guides to Inclusive Practices is an inspiring read about the benefits of collaboration and the positive effects on students and the school community.

This book is available to purchase from Paul H. Brookes Publishing here and is also available from Amazon here.