Educator’s Equity Companion Guide

by Harmony Movement (2014)

Discrimination and prejudice are social issues that many individuals face on a daily basis. The Educator’s Equity Companion Guide addresses these issues and educates readers about how to recognize and address inequality in appropriate ways.

This publication features three sections: The Basics, Identities and Inclusive Education. The first section addresses topics including intersectionality, dominant and non-dominant groups, and prejudice. Section Two visits the issues of faith, gender, and other topics of identity. The final section provides strategies for educators to make changes in their classrooms.

The Educator’s Equity Companion Guide not only informs readers about creating a more inclusive community, it encourages educators to take action when issues arise to foster an accepting environment within their school community. Many of the case studies that are presented will resonate with readers and how the authors tackle problems of inequality will challenge and inspire readers to truly make a difference with their students.

This book is available for purchase here.