Inclusion and Accessibility: Make It Happen Web-based Elementary School Presentation


Inclusion and Accessibility: Make It Happen Web-based Elementary School Presentation


Make it Happen is a web-based presentation that inspires students to make inclusion and accessibility happen in their school. Designed for students in grades 3–8, this 30-minute presentation features colourful photographs and illustrations, as well as narration by John Draper, Founder of Together We Rock! Teacher Guides that feature introductory and follow-up learning activities are available as free downloads on the Awesome Resources page of this website.

The Make it Happen: Elementary School Presentation is accessed through a third party host, Vimeo On Demand (VOD). 

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PLEASE NOTE: This video is not a download, it is streamed through our third party host VOD and can be streamed directly from there. The following steps will help guide you through the rental process.