Changing Perceptions: Why Inclusion in Media is Critical

Equal representation in the media is an important part of inclusive societies. When groups of people are excluded from mass media, such as television shows, it can suggest a lack of representation or a lack of capability.

One frequently underrepresented group is people with disabilities. Despite the fact that it is estimated that more than 10% of the world’s population has a disability, very few people with disabilities are featured in popular media.

Many viewers have begun questioning representation. This article from the BBC discusses the show “The Apprentice,” a show which has yet to feature a contestant with a visible disability. The article explores a number of viewpoints on fostering a more inclusive model for the show.

"Having a visibly disabled person represented on ‘The Apprentice’ could only have a positive impact on wider perceptions of disabled people in the workplace," says Susan Scott-Parker, chief executive of the Disability Business Forums. "With disabled people constituting more than 19% of Britain's working-age population, it would send a message that disability should never be a barrier to a successful career."

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