The Inclusive Education Library

The Inclusive Education Library is a website created by the Government of Alberta, Canada, that serves as an excellent resource to users everywhere. The website can be accessed in English or French.

Users can find educational resources on a range of inclusive education topics, most of which are meant for classroom teachers, but there are also sections available for students and parents. 

Each of these sections on the website, including the ones for students and parents, presents a range of resources. For example, under the language arts section are resources for reading assessment, writing rubrics for Grades 1 through 9, writing sample tips by grade level, and rubrics for listening, speaking, and working with others.

The philosophy behind the different strategies under each topic is to be able to support a range of students who bring a range of learning styles and abilities. For example, the section on Instructional Strategies and Supports describes the resources in that section as follows: “Students benefit from different levels and types of instructional strategies and support, depending on their strengths and needs. This section includes Making a difference: Meeting diverse learning needs with differentiated instruction, and sample strategies and supports for language arts and mathematics.”

To access all the resources available in the Inclusive Education Library, click here