Visions of Inclusion

Sometimes the process to create inclusive communities can be slow and frustrating. Leaders who are championing a more inclusive society are constantly reminding us of its importance. Tim Villegas of asked some of those leaders about their dreams for inclusion. Here are a few excerpts from their answers:

  • I dream of an educated society who knows and respects the value of every human. I dream of a society who accepts, supports and appreciates the uniqueness of one another. I dream of a society where there is no need to use the word, “inclusion.” Nicole Eredics, The Inclusive Class
  •  As a teacher I want ALL kids to have the supports needed to be an active member of their class... I dream about what would happen if it was just assumed every child was included. We could then harness all of our energy currently devoted to advocacy and use it to create amazing supports instead! Megan Gross, The Inclusion Toolbox
  • True inclusion means the freedom to choose your life path without fear of discrimination and oppression, to know the doors are opened for you just like they are for everyone else and you can enter the ones you choose, with confidence. Renée Laporte, Beyond the Crayon
  • I want to live in a world in which inclusion is so commonplace and seamless that we no longer see news stories about how inspiring it is that X kid was invited to the prom by the football player (or similar stories). Amanda Morin, The Everything Parent’s Guide to Special Education

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