Welcoming Statements

One way to start to ensure that everyone feels welcomed at your organization is by using a welcoming statement. In job postings, employers should establish that reasonable accommodations are available. Any organization’s website or other online presence can include information about commitment to inclusivity.

Google is clear about its support for diversity and publicizes it. Google asserts that its “goal is to create an environment in which every Googler can thrive. We check and recheck our people processes (including promotions, compensation, and more) to ensure fairness and equity in all things that impact Googlers.” See its diversity page here to read more about its commitment inclusion.

Another example: the non-profit Tides’ web page about its employment opportunities states that “Tides is committed to ensuring equal employment opportunities to qualified individuals with disabilities. Tides will make reasonable accommodations for the known physical or mental limitations of an otherwise qualified individual (applicant or employee) with a disability, unless undue hardship would result.” Having this clearly stated online makes it clear to all job seekers that hiring processes at this organization should be just.  

Marketing materials, social media accounts, and physical signs can help spread the message about the inclusion philosophy of a facility, program, or company. Put the words “inclusion statement” into any search engine to find more ideas of how to phrase commitment to values.