Workplace Diversity Management

New tools to better assess diversity and inclusion are continuously being developed. No one organization or tool has all the answers for measuring and optimizing inclusion. Standards change, but no one improvement means ideal conditions have been achieved.

Assessment tools for workplaces and other environments have been described on this site previously, and a quick internet search will also turn up many. Don’t be afraid to look outside your city, country, or continent, as good ideas can come from all over the world and different regions have different ideas about inclusion. 

The Singapore Government’s has tools to help workplaces manage diversity. Part of its Workplace Diversity Management Tool Kit is the “Inclusiveness Pulse Check.” This tool assesses employees’ perception of the inclusiveness of workplace culture and of the effectiveness of policies, practices, messaging, and management. Find the full toolkit here and the “Inclusiveness Pulse Check” here.

Tools specific to your type of organization and your region may exist, and if they don’t, it is often possible to adapt other existing tools. Assessing inclusivity intentionally and regularly is important, in order to establish a baseline, measure improvements, and celebrate success.