Digital Access Hands Free

Most of us would agree that accessing our devices is critical; however, for people who have limited mobility this can be a challenge. When it comes to using touchscreen devices, one Canadian tech company is striving to give people with a disability a whole new level of independence.

Komodo OpenLab has developed a device called the Tecla Shield that gives people who have limited upper body mobility access to their smartphones, tablets and computers—using the motion they do have. The Bluetooth-powered wireless device communicates between the smart device and an individual’s existing assistive switches, so that a person who, for example, uses their head or elbow or blinks or blows through a straw to control their wheelchair or other technology, can use this same motion to control their phone or tablet. Thanks to the new technology, people who have a disability can more easily make a phone call or send a text message when they’re out in the community.

For more information on this device, visit the Tecla website. Or read the City News article here