Extraordinary Leaders

Students at St. Mary’s District Collegiate and Vocational Institute (DCVI) are leading the way to inspire accessibility and inclusion in their school and community. When John Draper, Founder of Together We Rock! visited their school he challenged students to take one step to make a difference to create a world where everyone belongs. Students have produced a video displaying their commitment to inclusion and encouraging viewers to also commit to taking their own steps to improving the school and community – The 30 Day Challenge.

When students featured in the video were asked to list ways in which their school is inclusive, student responses included “giving people chances,” “providing equal opportunities to learn,” “making sure everyone feels part of the community,” and “focusing on strengths and treating all with respect. However, they see that these inclusive qualities are not present at all times, and that there are still opportunities for growth and improvement.

Students at DCVI still see that labels are used to exclude others, and that there are physical as well a social barriers in their school. Suggestions presented in the video included to “make all entrances more accessible,” “include everyone in the classroom,” and “make people more aware.” They aspire that members of the school community will accept everyone, and make learning accessible for all.

The students in the video know that they have a great place to learn, but that they are responsible for working to make it better. They ask their viewers to consider how they can make a difference within the school and community in their roles as individuals and as members of groups. They also bring the challenge to social media by asking people to tag their big or small ideas for improving inclusion within the next month.

To watch the video and be inspired, click here.