Inclusion in Faith-Based Communities

Membership in a faith community can provide people with spiritual meaning, support, social connections, and opportunities to contribute. In the US, The National Collaborative on Faith and Disability (formerly the National Collaborative on Disability, Religion, and Inclusive Spiritual Supports) has a mission to support people with disabilities and their friends and loved ones by providing leadership in areas in which disability and spirituality meet.

The collaborative aims to develop and support an interfaith network and foster scholarship. Religious leaders, human service professionals, and congregations can get materials and assistance to help build inclusive spiritual supports from the collaborative and its affiliates. Fourteen American University Centers for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities Education (UCEDDs) are involved and collaborate with religious educational institutions. The collaborative has hosted a webinar series and supported its members in projects such as “Putting Faith to Work,” which helps congregants make use of the network provided by their faith community to achieve their goals. 

To learn more about the collaborative and its partners, projects, resources, and upcoming events, visit its website here