Inclusive Family and Community Special Occasions

It’s important for all children to feel included in family and community activities on special occasions. Adapting activities to make special occasions inclusive may require a different way of looking at things.

For example, we can take a few ideas from the Annual Inclusive Easter Egg Hunt in Trenton, NC. This community event is open to all children and the Easter egg hunt is divided into levels of difficulty: easy, medium, and hard— the easier the level, the more eggs are in plain sight. When children sign-up for this event, registrants are asked in advance if they require any special considerations to fully participate. Similar Easter Egg Hunt initiatives sponsored by other communities utilize a variety of adaptations to ensure that all children can fully participate in the event. In one hunt, the Easter eggs are made more accessible by making them bigger and by including blinking eggs, audible eggs, or talking eggs. Eggs were also placed on some tables so the children using wheelchairs or mobility devices didn’t have to bend down to pick them up. 

The thinking behind these ideas can be applied to other special occasions. For example, for families celebrating Passover, activities such as telling the Passover story, preparing special dishes, or singing traditional songs can all be adapted to include children with disabilities.

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