The Dance Ability Movement

The Dance Ability Movement was created by two sisters, Mallory and Jade Ryan, who are both occupational therapists and certified dance instructors. Dance Ability offers inclusive dance classes in collaboration with various dance studios throughout southern Ontario. These classes enable participants to express themselves, explore creative moment, and realize their potential. Dancers who require assistance receive one-to-one buddy support from a trained volunteer.

Classes are available for dancers ranging from the age of three to young adults. The program’s approach takes into account safe moving and handling principles, participants’ varied sensory needs, and the values of family-centred care. Dance education has the potential to benefit participants in many areas of life. Not only do Dance Ability dancers work on their balance, coordination, body awareness and motor skills through dance, but they also get to make friends and meet mentors. Dance classes provide opportunities for children to practice choice making, communication, and turn taking, and performing in recitals can build confidence.

The Dance Ability Movement addresses the need for inclusive leisure programming and fosters interest in the arts. Mallory and Jade are also committed to raising awareness about the need for improved availability of inclusive activities and the varied ways in which individuals with different abilities to contribute to society.

To learn more about Dance Ability, visit the website here