Inspiring Inclusive Media and Design

The Inclusive Media and Design Centre at Ryerson University, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, has a mission to design, create, and evaluate technologies to promote a more inclusive and accessible world.

The centre employs undergraduate students, master’s students, PhD candidates, post-doctoral fellows, and other staff. Its projects include “Alternative Audio Description,” “Enhanced Captioning,” “LiveDescribe.” Alternative Audio Description examines alternative approaches to audio description in television and theatre, making the process inclusive throughout the design process. Enhanced Captioning has the goal of improving upon current standards in captioning, such as including colourful and moving text to indicate emotions. It is supported by EnACT, the Enhanced and Affective Captioning Tool, an open source program that allows users to create colourful moving captions. LiveDescribe is another open source tool, allowing users to create custom audio descriptions of visual media.

The Inclusive Media and Design Centre collaborates with other departments at Ryerson University. The centre has taken a physical exhibit produced by the School of Disabilitiy Studies and given it digital life. The exhibit now has an interactive form and will be brought into the online virtual world of Second Life. This project will advance research and learning in the area of inclusive virtual reality.

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