Business Strategies that Work: A Framework for Disability Inclusion

The United States Department of Labor has produced a document outlining strategies that employers can use to integrate individuals with disabilities into their companies. Though an obvious benefit of using these strategies is building a diverse workforce, doing so can also create opportunities to tap into the powerful market segment composed of individuals with disabilities and their social circles. 

The document presents seven broad action areas, including “Lead the Way,” “Hire (and Keep) the Best,” “Ensure Productivity,” “Build the Pipeline,” “Communicate,” “Be Tech Savvy,” and “Grow Success.” Strategies involve conducting equitable recruitment, creating inclusive business culture, providing accommodations, publicizing inclusive policies, using accessible technology, and undertaking continuous improvement.

Although all laws and regulations referenced in the document are American, the strategies described can be applicable to businesses in many countries. Creating inclusive practices that begin with recruitment and promote retention and support of employees with a range of abilities is simpler than many managers and executives may believe. Still, ensuring that supportive infrastructure and policies are in place and well understood does require dedicated effort and consistent attention. The advantages to be gained by companies who are intentionally inclusive are significant and worthwhile, and include both increased profit and flexible, innovative staff and management.

Access the complete document from the US Department of labour here