Accessible Videogame of the Year

Creating an accessible videogame involves applying several good game design practices. Several recent changes in game design help to equal the playing field so that everyone can enjoy playing. Two consoles, the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, came out with expanded accessibility features in their hardware, “allowing gamers to modify their gaming experience with closed captions, button remapping, zoom functions, higher contrasts, text-to-speech, and more.” There have been improvements in the accessibility of controllers as well, with some accessible controllers now becoming mainstream.

Two games were chosen by AbleGames for game of the year. The first is Rocket League, a car racing game with fully remappable keys, including the ability to remap the X and & Y axis controls to a mouse—the entire game can be controlled using only the mouse, keyboard or controller. The game is short, with five-minute matches, which allows a balance between fun and strenuous activity for people who fatigue easily. Colours are orange and blue, which helps people who are colourblind, and visual cues are built into the game.

The second game is MLB (Major League Baseball) 15 The Show. This game improves on the already accessible design of this game from previous years. It features seven different difficulty levels and allows for automation of individual sets of gameplay, so that players can choose which aspects they want to be in control of. MLB 15 The Show doesn’t require sound, and includes full closed captioning for the announcers.

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