Fashionable Universal Design

Jan Erickson, an American woman from Colorado, discovered that creating fashionable and practical items could become a fulfilling business opportunity. Her journey into the world of universal design and fashion began when she made a jacket for a member of her faith community who had experienced several strokes and was in the hospital. Not only was it comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, but it could readily be donned and doffed.   

Jan Erickson went on to found Janska Wellness garments. Her products include jackets, vests, wraps, capes, and accessories, including her popular “MocSocks.” One way she incorporates universal design is through the use of large buttons, which are easier to use than other fasteners for people who have pain or limited mobility in their hands. Jan went to a wholesale market centre to market her designs to hospital gift shops, and found that other stores were interested in her colourful designs and her concept.

Wearing a hospital gown can affect hospitalized individuals’ sense of dignity and make them feel invisible or unlike their usual selves. Clothes can bring satisfaction and confidence to the wearer, and the most gratifying aspect of Jan’s business venture is the appreciative feedback she receives from a variety of customers, including those who have been hospitalized, those with disabilities, and those who enjoy the comfort and visual appeal of her designs.

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