Accessible On-line Shopping

The Click-Away Pound survey is a research survey to measure the online shopping experience for people with disabilities. It also aims to examine how much revenue businesses in the United Kingdom (UK) are losing because their websites are not accessible.

The Managing Director of the Disability Consultancy that designed and launched the survey has a visual impairment, so he knows something about the experience. He explains that companies should think about the experience that people with disabilities have in interacting with their businesses online. He finds that when shopping online, he goes through a few websites before finding one he can actually use. Of course, the first few have lost his business.

While many retail businesses recognize the need to create an accessible space for shoppers who visit in person, not as many consider the accessibility needs of their online shoppers. The shortcomings affect people with visual impairments, those who have difficulty using a mouse or keyboard, and those who need special software.

The purpose of the survey is to put numbers to the business implications of this issue, in order to help persuade businesses to focus on online accessibility or risk losing revenue.

A previous survey, called Walk Away Pound report, measured the effects of retailers’ premises on customers with a disability. It found that 75% of these customers walked away from a retailers premises for lack of accessibility.

The survey takes five to ten minutes to complete. No personal information is collected, and the survey is anonymous.

To learn more, read a press release about the survey here. To take the survey, click here