“AXSChat is an online community of individuals dedicated to creating an inclusive world.” Through weekly video interviews and Twitter chats, the organizers strive to bring people together to encourage in-depth discussion and educate people about the work that’s happening to improve access and inclusion. The site’s philosophy is that accessibility is for everyone. Therefore, it is everyone’s responsibility.

There are different ways to participate in AXSChat. Every Tuesday, the group hosts a guest speaker who is “making the world a more inclusive place through technology.” Those interested in speaking can apply by filling in a form on the site.

One-hour Twitter chats take place weekly, at 15:00 hours EST. Participants must answer six questions to join the chat, and they can enter the conversation using the #AXSChat hashtag. There are instructions in the FAQs so that people who are unfamiliar with Twitter, or how Twitter chats work, can take part.

One recent chat is the topic of accessibility and the Click-Away Pound survey, a research survey that explores the online shopping experience for people with disabilities and the cost to businesses of ignoring shoppers who have a disability.

To learn more about AXSChat, visit the website here