Employers of Choice Toolkit

Work Without Limits is a network of employers and other individuals in the state of Massachusetts in the US. Its goal is to make Massachusetts the first American state where the employment rate of people with disabilities is equal to that of those without disabilities.

Work Without Limits produces an toolkit for employers to help them become “employers of choice” for individuals with disabilities. Included in its selection of fact sheets is “The Business Case,” which presents reasons why it makes good business sense to actively recruit employees with a range of abilities.

Businesses that employ people with disabilities have noticed benefits including decreased employee turnover (people leave less often, decreasing the costs of training new employees) and improved morale and productivity. Companies may perceive that accommodations for employees with disabilities are costly, but the fact sheet presents the encouraging statistic that almost half of accommodations cost nothing. Another 45% of accommodations have a one-time cost of around $500 USD—a small price to pay to retain a productive employee in the long term.

People with disabilities make up the US’s largest minority group and have a great deal of purchasing power. Businesses can better understand the needs of this customer base if they have employees that are part of this market. In addition, customers are more likely to have a good impression of companies that hire individuals with disabilities.

The workforce in the US and elsewhere is aging and shrinking; businesses can optimize their productivity, employee retention, and public image by incorporating some of the suggestions provided by Work Without Limits.

To read further about the business case for recruiting and accommodating employees with disabilities, click here  and to access the rest of the employer toolkit, click here.