Together We Rock! School Leadership Program Tool Kit

The 200-page Together We Rock! School Leadership Program Took Kit provides information and suggestions for specific activities and action to help students and the larger school community carry out the Together We Rock! School Leadership Program.

The School Leadership Program focuses on inspiring leadership to create a sense of community, celebrate diversity, and make inclusion and accessibility happen in your school, neighbourhood and community.

The Tool Kit is designed for use by:

  • teachers who want to facilitate the Together We Rock! School Leadership Program or other learning opportunities for elementary school students in grades 6–8; and
  • high school students (grades 7–12) and their teacher advisor(s) who are carrying out the learning and leadership initiatives of the School Leadership Program to create more accessible and inclusive school communities.

The Toolkit contains background information, ready-to-use tools and a hands-on action plan, which together facilitate a fun and rewarding learning experience. 

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