Diversity and Inclusion in the Voluntary Sector

In a recent blog post on Imagine Canada’s website, guest writer Beth Clarke points out some reasons why diversity and inclusion are as valuable and important for non-profit organizations as they are for businesses. If a non-profit organization is dedicated to serving a diverse community, it can better do so if its staff and volunteers reflect this diversity and understand the cultures of the community. Non-profit organizations need to be credible and consistent in their values, and a commitment to inclusion that is established by senior management and entrenched in policy communicates an important message to the community.

Clarke follows up on her first post with a second one that lists four concrete steps that charities can take toward creating a diverse and inclusive workplace. These steps include:  start with awareness and assessment; analyze how you find and keep talent; review communications and development of human capital; and start outlining your diversity strategy and work with leadership. An organization cannot become more diverse and inclusive overnight, but reflection and planning can ensure that inclusion is an ongoing focus.

Read Clarke’s full article on the importance of diversity and inclusion here, and find the follow-up post with suggestions on how to enact them here