Inclusive Playspaces

Inclusive playgrounds provide an opportunity for children to have fun, explore their imagination and be outdoors. Inclusive Play, a Scottish company, features “Top 10 Inclusive Checklist” on their website.

Anyone involved in the creation of an inclusive playspace should consider the following: all children appreciate a variety of sensory stimulation, so playgrounds should offer more than just opportunities for physical movement; not only are inviting areas in which to take a break important for caregivers, but children benefit from spaces in which they can pause their play or play alone; pathways are essential to access and should be both firm and wide, so that people with mobility aids and/or visual impairments can traverse them safely; children appreciate the feeling of height, so ramped access to raised play areas helps make a space more inclusive; and once an inclusive playspace has been created, people need to know about it! Publicity and signage can help inform people about a new space, and Inclusive Play publishes a map of inclusive playgrounds.

To read the full Top 10 Inclusion Checklist, click here. To learn more about Inclusive Play, click here.