Spotlight on the Museum of Science

The Museum of Science in Boston, Massachusetts in the US, is recognized as a leader in accessibility. Its commitment to universal design and inclusivity applies to both employees and visitors. The museum has an accessibility committee and a guest service program that focuses on making everyone feel welcome and valued. Innovation is both celebrated and applied, and visitors are encouraged to engage their “science-thinking skills.”

Not only are museum spaces designed to be accessible, but information in the museum’s exhibits is presented in different ways, such as through audio, large print text, braille, and images. Assistive listening equipment is available and American Sign Language interpreters and sighted guides can be requested in advance.

The Museum of Science supports its actively inclusive hiring practice with a network of community partnerships and has been named an Employer of Choice by Work Without Limits. The museum’s organizational structure and its senior-level management ensure that accessibility and inclusivity are priorities within corporate culture and every area of the museum. When new exhibits are developed, the design team works with staff, consultants and volunteers who have disabilities to utilize their expertise regarding access-related issues. 

To read Work Without Limits’ spotlight on the Museum of Science, click here. To plan a visit to the Museum of Science or explore its commitment to accessibility further, visit its website here.