Inclusive Design Institute

The Inclusive Design Institute (IDI) is a research hub based out of OCAD University (formerly the Ontario College of Art and Design). It also includes eight postsecondary partner institutions and collaborates with over 100 other organizations. It is devoted to designing information and communication systems so that they are usable by individuals with disabilities as well as those with varying language needs and cultural preferences.

The province of Ontario, Canada, along with the rest of the world, is experiencing demand for accessible information and communication technology. The aging population and recent accessibility legislation have further increased that demand. The IDI aims to help the province meet growing demand for inclusive technology, as well as train people to continue to innovate in this area.

Designing with attention to inclusion and diversity leads to designs that work better for everyone. The IDI supports research that develops software, design tools, policies, and standards. As a research hub, it provides collaboration opportunities that are accessible to researchers and participants with disabilities, labs for testing usability and accessibility, and facilities to explore language and culture, among other tools and spaces. 

The IDI aims make collaboration easy, and the different organizations involved all have a voice in what is researched. Research topics include inclusive education, health, civic engagement, culture and the arts, business standards, and mobile computing. The IDI also supports educational programs including the Masters of Design in Inclusive Design at OCAD University.

To learn more about the IDI, visit its website here.