Business as Unusual: Inclusive Workplaces

The International Labour Organization (ILO), an agency of the United Nations, has produced a publication entitled Business as unusual: Making workplaces inclusive of people with disabilities. Today, the need for inclusivity is acknowledged in most workplaces in the developed world. Still, corporate leaders may have difficulty turning the ideal of inclusivity into reality. The ILO’s document outlines concrete strategies for creating inclusive workplaces and presents examples from 15 multinational organizations.

Successful inclusion strategies outlined in the ILO’s report include efficient procedures for implementing reasonable accommodations, endorsement from (and accountability to) senior management, the formation of supportive employee networks, and partnerships with non-governmental organizations. Businesses profiled in the examples range from hotel chains to retailers to pharmaceutical companies. Sharing effective inclusion practices is important, so companies can learn from others’ experiences and benefit from lessons already learned.

To learn about and be inspired by how businesses around the world are creating more inclusive workspaces, read the full document here.