Inclusive Theatre

Herts Inclusive Theatre (HIT), based in the county of Hertfordshire in England, offers theatre activities and performance opportunities for children, youth, and adults of all abilities. Its programming is designed to increase participants’ self-confidence, develop their skills, and provide opportunities to build relationships. HIT does not hold auditions and anyone who wishes to take part in its projects may do so.

HIT's weekly workshops take place in professional performance spaces around the county. Although age recommendations are given for the groups, they are flexible so that participants may find the right fit. Though these programs do have a fee, this is negotiable if necessary, and participants can try up to two sessions for free before committing.

HIT collaborates with schools, municipal governments, and businesses to deliver arts-based activities beyond its regular workshops, including those timed to coincide with school vacations. It also offers custom workshops, which can involve drama, storytelling, music, puppetry, and crafts. Teachers can participate in "Drama in the Classroom" sessions to learn how to use theatre techniques to support their teaching, how to teach drama to their students, and how to do these things in an inclusive way.

To learn more about HIT and its philosophy and offerings, visit its website here.