Accessible Content E-Portal

The Accessible Content E-Portal (ACE) Pilot Project was an effort of the Ontario Council of University Libraries, in collaboration with the University of Toronto and with financial support from the Government of Ontario. The project's goal was to enhance access to text-based resources for university students and faculty members across the province who have disabilities affecting their ability to read print.

The project was to last one year and involved two main components. The first was the development of a secure, user-friendly online program that can be used to discover and download digital texts in accessible formats. The existence of this platform should decrease duplication of work, as multiple libraries might have previously gone to the effort of making the same text accessible. Ultimately, this coordination will increase the variety of material available to individuals with print disabilities in Ontario.

The second component of the project was the production of a toolkit aimed at academic librarians and library administrators to help them find and provide accessible content. It includes resources and examples of best practices, and will help to ensure that libraries fulfill their obligations under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act.

To read more about the ACE Pilot Project, click here. To access the toolkit for libraries, click here.