Microsoft Accessibility Resources

Microsoft offers a variety of online resources relating to its accessible technology. The accessibility section of its website includes a blog, press releases, articles, essays, case studies, and videos. The company publishes guides to their products’ accessibility features, organized by types of impairments or by software, as well as a monthly newsletter, the Microsoft Accessibility Update. 

Tutorials, newsletters and other useful files relating to accessibility are available for technology users, educators, software developers, information technology professionals, and others. Examples of these downloads include education and business guides, curriculum resources, and fact sheets. 

Microsoft works with assistive technology companies to optimize the compatibility of their hardware and software with Microsoft programs and products. Examples of assistive technology hardware products include alternative keyboards, electronic pointing devices, joysticks, refreshable Braille displays, and screen enlargers; assistive software can include screen readers, speech recognition programs, and text-to-speech synthesizers. When these technologies work well with the Windows platform and other commonly used software, accessibility is enhanced.

Microsoft’s Answer Desk provides support for Microsoft products and their accessibility features for users with disabilities. Support is available online at all times, as well as by phone from 5am to 9pm Pacific Standard Time on weekdays and 6am to 3pm on weekends. On weekdays from 8:30am to 5pm, support is available in American Sign Language via videophone.

Visit Microsoft Accessibility online here. To find related news and articles, as well as the blog, newsletter, and videos, click here. For information about the Disability Answer Desk, click here