Access All Rooms

Access All Rooms offers hotel booking for people who are looking for accessible hotels and resorts. Hotels are listed with full descriptions and photographs, for destinations in some countries in Europe, South Africa and others, as well as some parts of the United States.

The hotel listing provides information useful for people with a hearing or visual impairment and it also describes wheelchair access. It categorizes venues according to bronze, silver and gold levels. Bronze means that there is challenging wheelchair access around hotel grounds and there are some steep ramps and occasional steps. Silver signifies assisted wheelchair access around hotel grounds, as well as some steeper ramps or occasional steps. Gold is reserved for those sites with easy wheelchair access around the hotel grounds.

The site also assigns a grading scale, from 0 to 5, to further inform users about accessibility, as part of its Global Access Award Scheme, from a 0, which means the hotel has not met the minimum standards for wheelchair access, up to a 5, which is for exceptional access, with most things someone with a mobility disability would need, including hoists in the bedroom and bathroom.

In addition to wheelchair access, the listings rate hotels as accessible to people with a hearing or vision impairment if they have at least three different adaptations for people with that disability. The website also offers updated travel-related accessibility news, for example about beaches with an access ramp. There is no charge to book hotels through the site.

To learn more about Access All Rooms, visit the website here