Building a Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

A blog post by n-gen’s president, Giselle Kovary, outlines how to go about building a diverse and inclusive workplace. Kovary acknowledges that while almost every organization has diversity, this diversity is not necessarily being leveraged, nor are diverse organizations automatically inclusive.

When every employee’s unique skills, perspectives, and approaches are respected, inclusivity can flourish. If management is unwilling to listen to new ideas, a company is less likely to be competitive in ever-changing markets, which require adaptability. Not only do senior leadership and human resources professionals need to support inclusivity, but strategies need to be built into every level of an organization.

Kovary points out that a diversity and inclusion strategy can be designed to align with an organization’s mission and objectives. All employees should be aware of how diversity supports the company’s goals, as well as feel that their input will be valued. Employers can build a diverse workforce if they do not limit their recruitment to particular methods and channels. Once diverse employees have been hired, they should be able to see potential paths for advancement, encouraging them to stay.

Diversity and inclusion need to be integral to how business is conducted every day. An inclusive atmosphere can be supported by defining how inclusion supports a business’s goals as well as its workforce. To read the full post, click here