Think Inclusive Resources

Educators who are committed to inclusive education are often searching for ways to enhance their classrooms, teaching, and clarity of purpose. Think Inclusive has collected a list of one hundred (100!) useful resources for professionals committed to inclusion. Add this link ( to your bookmark list for whenever you need some inspiration.

The collection of 100 resources is not overwhelming because it is broken down into 10 sets of 10, including 10 each of the following: articles, videos, movies, books, podcasts, blogs, websites, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and other posts from Think Inclusive. If you have just a little bit of time, you can read one short article or post, or you can add a whole book to your summer reading list. Subscribing to notifications from a Facebook page or adding a new account to your Twitter feed can bring you thought-provoking ideas on a regular basis. Podcasts can make your commute more enriching and educational. If you have a favourite inclusivity-related resource, you can add to the list by contributing suggestions in the comments sections of the post.

Tim Villegas is the founder of Think Inclusive and the compiler of this list. He works in special education and is passionate about sharing ideas about inclusivity and fostering connections among educators, parents, and self-advocates.

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