Accessible Educational Materials

The National Center on Accessible Educational Materials, an American organization based in Wakefield, Massachusetts, provides resource and help for anyone interested in learning about accessible educational materials (AEM) and implementing their use. The National Center on AEM’s website includes resources to help educators navigate the process of implementing AEM, and information about how best to support learners using AEM.

The National Center on AEM encourages school boards and other purchasers of educational materials to ensure that what they buy is accessible, including hardware, software, and e-learning platforms. This will encourage publishing companies to ensure that their products are accessible. Local, statewide, and federal policies related to AEM are also described on the site.

The NIMAS was designed to facilitate access to alternate formats of instructional materials for individuals with visual impairments or other print disabilities. The standard includes source files that can be used to create different formats of printed materials. The National Center on AEM supports content creators in the production of AEM by providing access to these templates and examples, in addition to standards, specifications, and guidelines for AEM creation, as well as best practices for publishers, software developers, and educators.


Visit the center’s website here for more information. The “About AEM” page here should be particularly useful for anyone wanting to learn the basics about accessible digital learning materials and find answers to common questions about AEM.