Ways to Make a Classroom More Inclusive

On the website of Friendship Circle of Michigan there is a useful list of ten items that can make a classroom more inclusive. Most of the suggested equipment is typically fairly easy to procure and can improve the engagement of all students. 

  • A large table allows groups of students to work together, with or without the teacher.
  • Technology is a broad category of item, but can include computers, tablets, SMART boards and assistive devices.
  • Manipulatives are objects designed to help learners visualize mathematical concepts through manipulating them. They appeal to certain learners and allow students to demonstrate their knowledge in different ways.
  • Visual aids are interesting to students and can help students understand or remember a lesson. Visual aids may include schedules, posters, charts, and diagrams, as well as technology, and they can often be used to modify lessons.
  • A positive behaviour management system can allow teachers to highlight students' strengths and reward good behaviour. 
  • Having a selection of high-interest books available, in a variety of reading levels, gives students something to do when they are finished a task and promotes a love of reading for enjoyment.
  • A job chart with rotating tasks can help a classroom run smoothly and clearly shows the ways in which every student contributes.
  • Popsicle can be used to aid in unbiased selection of names for certain activities. An opaque jar full of these wooden sticks, each with a student's name on it, allows teachers to pick students at random.
  • Necessary for every teacher is a student information binder, including important documents such as assessments and individualized education plans.
  • Games can not only reinforce curriculum concepts but also teach social skills and teamwork as well as add fun to the day. 

To read the full list, click here, and you can read other blog entries about inclusion from Friendship Circle here.