Inclusive Recreation Consortium

The Inclusive Recreation Consortium, in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, in the US, has some very useful tips for recreation providers who wish to provide inclusive programming. The tips are presented as part of six steps required to support inclusive recreation. Necessary are: 1. physical access, 2. programmatic access, and 3. attitudinal access; these should be supported with 4. effective communication, 5. human resources, and 6. commitment to change. Many suggestions in each of these areas can also be applied to contexts other than recreation.

Ensuring physical access to a recreation space is only the first step toward inclusive programming and opportunities. Improving physical access can involve simple steps such as removing doormats, moving objects to ensure that travel paths are wide, and reducing the tension on doors so they are easier to open. Adaptations at the program level can involve modifying equipment or an activity, such as by changing the rules. Committing to change requires creativity and collaboration, as well as the use of measures to evaluate success.

To learn about the Inclusive Recreation Consortium, read the full article here.