Promoting an Inclusive Workplace

Ford Motor Company is collaborating with Autism Alliance of Michigan to provide an on-the-job training program for individuals with autism at Ford’s headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan. The program, called FordInclusiveWorks, kicked off on June 1, 2016; the initial full- and part-time positions will last between 30 and 90 days. Participants will be evaluated for future employment, and if it is determined there is a good fit, they will begin Ford’s recruiting process.

The work that program participants will be doing was designed to capitalize on the strengths and capabilities of individuals with autism. It is highly structured, requiring focus and attention to detail. For example, one participant will work in the vehicle evaluation and verification test lab, logging and prepping tires for test vehicles. The program stands to benefit participants by helping them learn work skills, and will also help Ford’s workforce become more diverse and inclusive.

Ford has expressed its desire to support members of the communities in which it operates. Obtaining and keeping a job can be difficult for individuals with autism; understanding and support in the workplace, especially at the organizational level, can be invaluable.

To read Ford’s press release about FordInclusiveWorks, click here.