Inclusive Mobile Apps

The One Voice for Accessible Information and Communications Technology Coalition produced an in-depth report analyzing all key issues at the intersection of mobile apps and individuals with disabilities. The document covers how apps are accessed, what they can do, tips for developers, and barriers and issues to be dealt with in the future. It also includes a succinct list of seven steps to creating accessible mobile apps.

The coalition aims to promote and develop accessible technologies for the widest possible range of users across platforms. Developers who create products that are inclusive, accessible, and appeal to a wide range of users are more likely to find success than those who do not consider all possible user needs, wants, and abilities.

The report covers recommendations for device manufacturers, operating system developers, app developers, retailers, and organizations. It describes a variety of operating systems and their tools and accessibility features. It addresses key issues to take into account to address accessibility during app development, and also gives readers a background in available technology for users with visual, hearing, or motor impairments as well as those with communication challenges.

The document’s conclusion asserts that the future of computing is mobile. The appendices include the aforementioned list of steps to creating accessible apps, as well as a long list of online resources for both developers and app users. Read the full document here.