Inclusive Workplaces and Employers

Canadian businesses are striving to create accessible and inclusive workplaces and job seekers should know how to determine if a company to which they are applying promotes diversity. Caroline Rudolph-Zbarsky, an employment specialist writing for TalentEgg, presents four strategies that prospective employees can use in their quests to find an inclusive employer.

Firstly, if a company has a partnership with an organization committed to diversity and inclusion, it indicates that it is likely that its corporate culture values such things. Canadian diversity and inclusion organizations include the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion, the Job Opportunity Information Network, Canadian Business SenseAbility, and the Ontario Disability Employment Network.

Secondly, a quick internet search for a company’s mission and values can provide valuable information. Job seekers can type in the name of an employer, the country or region in which they want to work, and a keyword like diversity or inclusion in order to get an overview of what the company publicizes about its commitment to these values. 

Thirdly, whether a company has won awards or received recognition for its diversity and inclusion will be a clear indication of how inclusive it is. Interested individuals can check lists like Canada’s Best Diversity Employers ( or the DiversityInc Top 50 ( Finally, companies’ participation in inclusive conferences and job fairs indicate their commitment to finding and retaining diverse talent. Events put on by organizations promoting inclusive practices can be a great place to meet inclusive employers.

Researching a company to determine its commitment to inclusivity can help to allay job seekers’ concerns about discrimination in the recruitment process, and can also give clues as to the employer’s willingness to accommodate diverse needs and appreciate different perspectives.

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