Be. Accessible

Be. Accessible is a social change initiative in New Zealand supporting accessibility across the country. It is run by the Be. Institute, a social enterprise with the goal of operating in all sectors using creative collaboration to focus on the potential for accessibility.

Be. Accessible is inspiring New Zealand to lead the world in accessible design, innovation, technology, tourism, and community through addressing accessibility in the physical, social, and personal domains. Spaces, collective attitudes, and individuals all have the opportunity to be more inclusive. Looking through the “Be. Lens” involves engaging all members of society to think in terms of possibilities rather than barriers and envision communities where everyone’s access needs are thoughtfully considered.

The Be. movement invites organizations to become accessible, employers to become inclusive, and individuals to become leaders through its various programs. The initiative produces many different resources, including newsletters, a blog, podcasts, specific campaigns, YouTube videos, and a searchable database of accessible places in New Zealand. One unique program that the Be. Initiative runs is the Be. Leadership program. Over the course of each year, 20 diverse participants take part in eight weekend programs, covering topics including global citizenship, leadership in media, and innovation and regeneration. At the end of every year, a new group of leaders is sent out to be a force for social change in New Zealand.

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