Accessibility Hub

The Accessibility Hub at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, has developed a series of guides to develop accessible educational materials. These resources address the creation of Microsoft Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and Portable Document Format files (PDFs), for both Windows and Mac users. 

Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and PDFs may all be used in hard copy or digital forms. Such files might be handouts in lectures, study guides, or course readings. They may include visuals such as charts, graphs, and other kinds of infographics, as well as equations. All of these elements need to be accessible to support the learning needs of all students and academics. 

The guides address topics such as columns, headings, hyperlinks, captions, alternative text, colour contrast, and embedded audio. The Word guides are summarized in a convenient checklist. The Accessibility Hub makes an excellent case to justify the effort to create accessible documents and provides easy steps and instructions for content creators to follow.

In addition to guides divided by type of file and operating system, the Accessibility Hub also provides a guide to creating accessible forms in Word files and PDFs. Digital forms need to be navigable by keyboard, and labels and prompts must be explicitly associated with their corresponding fields. This guide includes links to more detailed tutorials on the topic of accessible forms.

Visit the page that includes all the accessible document guidelines here and find the checklist for accessible word documents here.