Classroom Accommodation Resources is produced by the K-12 Teachers Alliance in the US, and among the resources on the site is a description of two accommodations that can be used in any classroom to help students with different learning needs get the most out of lessons. The first is guided notes, and the second is previewing and acceleration.

Guided notes can be used in lessons that require reading and comprehension. They may include fill-in-the-blanks, graphic organizers, and sections for students to write out the meanings of vocabulary words. Students who are struggling to read can use them as context cues. Students who are concerned about getting all questions correct will be assured that they are proceeding with the assignment in the right direction. Short answers may be more legible to teachers than long sentences or paragraphs, while still assuring them that the material was understood.

Previewing and acceleration involves taking aside students who require support and introducing key concepts from an upcoming unit, before the new subject is introduced to the class. Previewing can let students who sometimes take longer than others to learn a new concept to be able to share their understanding during the first official lesson. This strategy can decrease the stress that some students experience when learning about unfamiliar topics.

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