Together and Whatever it Takes

The Schoolwide Integrated Framework for Transformation (SWIFT) in collaboration with filmmaker Dan Habib created two films that show viewers inclusion in action: Together and Whatever it Takes. Filming was done at schools in the states of Maryland, Oregon, and Mississippi in the US, and the films showcase success in a selection of diverse and inclusive schools implementing best practices and helping all students thrive.

SWIFT aims to promote equity and build schools’ capacity to provide an inclusive educational experience for all students. Teachers in inclusive schools collaborate with co-teachers, paraprofessionals, and volunteers; professionals such as speech-language pathologists can work in the classroom during lessons rather than taking students out. Students in inclusive schools use their strengths, help each other, and learn differently together. One of SWIFT’s domains is called Integrated Education Framework. The film Together focuses on this domain, while Whatever it Takes focuses on the domain of Inclusive Academic Instruction.

The films are captioned and are each less than half an hour, so take an hour out of your day to see what teachers, other professionals, and students are accomplishing in inclusive environments, and consider how you can apply some of SWIFT’s strategies. You can find the videos on the SWIFT YouTube channel here or on Vimeo here and here. Learn more about SWIFT on its website here.