The 8 Most Atrocious Myths about Inclusive Education

Research has systematically proven that supported inclusive education is the preferred method of delivering education to all. So why isn’t everyone on board?

Tom Mihail, professor at the college of education, Purdue University, says there has been a complete transformation in the way education has been delivered in the past 40 years. These changes have resulted in significant and unmistakeable benefits to all students, not just those with disabilities. Mihail says that misconceptions “develop because they sound intuitively correct and support stereotypical thinking. The facts, however, are clearly supported by educational research evidence.”

Mihail goes on to set up eight myths about supported inclusive education and then proceeds to knock down each one with the facts. Myths include beliefs like, “The cost of including students with special needs is prohibitive. We can’t afford it.” Mihail presents evidence that supported inclusive education either saves money (segregation is expensive) or results in no cost difference, in most cases. In those situations where there have been increased costs, these average 3%.

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