Inclusion in the Classroom

Toby Karten is the Director of Tamika Educational Products. She has written a number of best-selling books and has led a number of workshops that help teachers, parents, and students create inclusive learning environments. Karten states that Inclusion in education is a lifestyle that teachers need to embed in their students experiences. She believes that students should have the opportunity to collaborate, work together, and teach one another.

Toby Karten’s workshops and educational resources help teachers striving to create inclusion in their classrooms achieve this reality. Karten’s work highlights the notion that students of all abilities benefit from inclusive classrooms. Ensuring that all students achieve success and are given essential learning, social, and interactive skills is at the forefront of Karten’s research. The three books that Karten is most celebrated for focus on inclusion strategies in the classroom, providing teachers with numerous opportunities to make inclusion an integral part of teaching.

Toby Karten’s Best Selling Books on Inclusion:

  • Inclusion Strategies and Interventions
  • Inclusion Strategies That Work!
  • Inclusion Lesson Plan Book for the 21st Century

While these books include lesson plans and strategies for teachers to implement in a classroom setting, caregivers and parents can adapt these strategies to utilize at home.

You can find more information on the work of Toby Karten or view a list of her books and workshops here.