Project Inclusion Video Series

Project Inclusion is a video series entitled “#daretohire” which invites viewers to consider hiring a person with a disability. Funded by the Unilab Foundation, part of the Philippines largest pharmaceutical corporation, the purpose of the series is to challenge companies to consider including people with disabilities in their workforce. The videos feature people with varying disabilities working in different situations and an assortment of companies. The videos create a feeling of inclusivity from a different perspective and remind not only employers to realize disability is not a barrier.

The Philippines has an estimated 10 to 15 million people with disabilities living within its borders, half of which are working age. This untapped human resource is often overlooked, but can also make economic sense to businesses as these individuals usually have a longer tenure and are more loyal. The project hopes to prepare both the job-seeking person with disabilities with support through their job application, and the employer by identifying suitable placement opportunities, supporting transition and helping everyone succeed.

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